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swimming pools and spas


Swimming pools and spas are a nice amenity to have but the maintenance can pose problems with everyday life. Throughout the summer, swimming pools need regular required maintenance. Older pools with heaters usually have a copper heater core and can bleed into the water causing discolorations. Swimming pools can be fun but are also dangerous to everyone. For more info, log onto

Aerial Drone Roof Evaluations

Distinguished Inspections uses drones for roof evaluations. The Phantom 3 is the aerial drone of choice and has quality photos inserted in inspection reports. We have found this to be safer and effective than climbing 2 and 3 story high lofts and homes. The build quality of Phantom 3 is nothing short of brilliant, which is one of the reasons why DJI is among the most popular drone brands. Specifications are outstanding too – the Phantom 3 can fly for up to 23 minutes and in that time, it can reach a maximum range of roughly 5 kilometers. Keep in mind that the FAA has strict regulations on where you can fly this thing and where not. Safe and effective aerial roof evaluations.

Phased Inspection Service

This service is provided to client's with a home under construction. If you want to know if the builder is in compliance, then you need a Phased Inspection Service. 


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